We believe you can find your soulmate at age 16 (like we did) or 66. We believe in little acts of sacrificial love of making breakfast without being asked or bringing home flowers for the heck of it. We believe memories are made when surrounded by your tribe, great food, and lots of laughter. We believe life is an adventure and that that adventure can happen in your own backyard snuggling under the stars. We count our blessings in every sunset we get to witness together. We love couples who take the time to cherish every moment they have enjoying each other.

We are honored to have been recognized in some amazing wedding publications including 100 Layer Cake & Wedding Chicks but our greatest boast is being able to serve people who believe their love is worth committing to. We are husband and wife wedding photographers who love what we do and love that we do it together. 

We Believe

It all started...
With flirty looks exchanged between math problems. Andrew bashfully asking for Tianna's number from a friend. Soccer games attended and love notes passed. God stirring feelings that would the beginning of one incredible adventure. 

Down on one knee...
600 miles from home, just weeks from his departure for Navy Boot Camp, surrounded by family, & Tianna completely oblivious. He had been planning for months, the perfect ring bought, a video recorded, his thoughtfulness had no match. Happier than ever, through tears, she said yes.

To have & to hold...
Tianna called him hysterically crying. He was home on leave having just graduated from Boot Camp & leaving just 10 days later for training in California. Andrew through a sleepy fog calmed her down and said not to worry - they would drive through the night to get the birth certificate she had forgotten in her college dorm room. 300 miles round trip  & they were EXHAUSTED. They stopped at rest stops to sleep intermittently and keep from driving off the road. 45 minutes late to their ceremony but by God's grace got married on that beautiful winter morning 9 years ago. 

From this day forward...
9 years and counting. Military life, countless training trips, birthday, anniversaries, and holidays spent apart. Lots of fights and work put in ridding each other of our selfishness, learning to put the other first and giving a little grace because…well because we are humans who make mistakes. Then came babies, lots spit up, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and sacrifices. And then learning to make time for each other amidst trying to keep our little humans alive.

Marriage is hard ya'll. Harder than we thought it would be. 

But then there is all the good, great, & AMAZING stuff. Nights spent up late just talking, unplugged trips locked away on a mountainside cabin with nothing to do but snuggle. Seeing your spouse love your children and that making you love them even more. Starting a business together and overnight making us full time photographers and stay at home parents. Pushing each other more towards Jesus and our love growing exponentially.

God is good, ya’ll, this adventure is better than we could imagined.

Our Adventure

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Friend, let's do life together.

We believe knowing you is serving you best.

Because life is worth


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