Amen, amen, & AMEN!

One thing we kinda love love love is that having been married for ten years and together for twelve we hardly ever argue anymore. There’s just no point. Ha! We generally know how each other are gonna react. We generally know those little quirks innate in the other person that we just need to accept and love them in anyway. We have had so many years to talk about EVERYTHING and hash it all out. Rarely do we fight.

But…it does happen.

A few weeks ago we had a tiff. Well…it was more than a tiff. It was a fight. The details escape me (of what we were even fighting about) but Andrew & I spent the majority of the day not speaking to one another. It was SO silly. Absolutely ridiculous. At the end of the day I was more angry that we had wasted a whole day not speaking to each other rather than actually mad at the situation at hand.

Eventually, we stopped being little pouty children and hashed it out. And we PROMISED (a promise I’m expecting we will yet have to make many more times before we learn this lesson fully) each other we’d be more forgiving. We had both made assumptions. Andrew assuming that I just didn’t want to talk to him. And me assuming that he was trying to hurt me by not talking to me. Guys. How seriously ridiculous were we?! #likeseriously

So friends we wanna encourage YOU. FORGIVE. Forgive without hesitation. We waste so much time holding onto hurt rather than approaching one another, bearing down for a little conflict, listening a lot, talking a little, and forgiving so we can move forward in love.

A happy marriage is when you are ALWAYS ready and willing to forgive.


Andrew & Tianna




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