Our Favorite Scriptures for Raising a Family | Virginia & North Carolina Legacy Anniversary Photography

Life wouldn’t be the same without them. Those sweet giggles, their big smiles, hearing them try out new words for the first time, every inch gained and milestone achieved. Being a parent is a blessing indeed. And a high calling! We love our job but molding little people that will become citizens of the world someday […]

October 5, 2017

Our Wedding, the Perfectly Imperfect | Virginia, Washington DC, & Destination Wedding Photographers

Our Courthouse Wedding I couldn’t believe I had done that. Through tears I shakily I flipped open my phone (yes I had a flip phone) and dialed his number. It rang and rang and rang – no answer. This wasn’t something I could just let go of, I know he needed the sleep but this […]

September 21, 2017

Romantic Styled Greenery & Burgundy Vow Renewal | The Studio at Chelsea Commons

Hurricane Matthew was one of the most intense to hit the Hampton Roads area. In our area and with being on the coast we get warnings of tropical storms and hurricanes often in the early fall but they usually end up being nothing more than a little shower. This would not be the case…this beautiful […]

September 14, 2017

Sisterhood | Finding Real Friends in a Crazy Stage of Life | Marriage & Motherhood

 Sisterhood Part 1: Finding Real Friends in a Crazy Stage of Life Friendship is a topic that has been on my heart in this season of life. It’s something I never paid too much attention to in the past, because it seemed like kind of a passive thing. School, work and other activities always provided […]

September 5, 2017