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We Fit | Andrew & Tianna Behind the Scenes

We get asked often how we make working with our spouse….work. Can I tell you that I (Tianna) for the first year fought this hard? Like real hard. Crying, lamenting, resisting, and pushing my own husband away! It was a struggle. A struggle to find our own niches within the business, to learn to respect […]


Our Wedding, the Perfectly Imperfect | Virginia, Washington DC, & Destination Wedding Photographers

Our Courthouse Wedding I couldn’t believe I had done that. Through tears I shakily I flipped open my phone (yes I had a flip phone) and dialed his number. It rang and rang and rang – no answer. This wasn’t something I could just let go of, I know he needed the sleep but this […]


It’s the Little Things | A Cord of Three Strands | Raleigh North Carolina Wedding Photography

Every day is different but there are some things that always remain the same. And it’s those things that I am so thankful for. A light kiss on my cheek. His way of saying I love you while trying to keep me from waking up – though the second he starts moving I’m totally awake. A […]