Every day is different but there are some things that always remain the same. And it’s those things that I am so thankful for. A light kiss on my cheek. His way of saying I love you while trying to keep me from waking up – though the second he starts moving I’m totally awake. A little text that says ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ if he’s out of the house before me. I NEVER do the dishes, if I cook, even if he cooks, he always takes the time to wipes down all the countertops, do the dishes and put away any leftovers we may have before coming to bed. And when he does come to bed he always brings me a glass of ice water. Cherish the little things. Things he knows I’ll ask for – he just does because he knows these little gestures say lots to me. They say, ‘I appreciate you, I love you, I’m doing this to help you relax a little.’

In our society we tend to celebrate things on the grand level. BIG gestures. Birthdays, milestones, a surprise proposal, weddings, the birth of a child, vacations, etc. And while each of those are worth being celebrated and we appreciate them I challenge you to talk to anyone who has been joyfully married for longer than 7 years or so and they will tell you, it’s those small quiet ones that make the biggest difference in our day to day. As the years go on it becomes less about those big moments (partly because life means the big ones have to be scaled back a bit) and appreciating the little ones.

When we were still young in our marriage I thought we were in big trouble if we didn’t have some romantic date every other week. I thought it weird if I didn’t get flowers, a ‘surprise’ from my husband just because he was thinking of me at least once a month. After we started having kids I worried that we might be in trouble because we didn’t have the time to get in a big anniversary vacation.But I realized that as we grew in our love that love changed from these big gestures of gifts and things to time and acts of service.

True love becomes less about this big things and all about the little ones. Teeny tiny reminders of I care, you matter, we are important, cherish the little things.

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Friends, what little ways, little teeny things do you go out of your way to appreciate your spouse? Is there some way you can show that love to them today? Cherish the little things, my friends!
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