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With every wedding these beautiful couples allow us to be a part of their day and God in every one shows us something different and cool about life. Whether it be something we learn from the couples we serve in how they honor one another or something we grow in from working together. But recently God gave me a greater appreciation for our family. You see…I used to be super jealous of the boy-mom, girl-mom posts. It’s those dang tshirts! Ha! I really was. I mean..they dont make “I’ve got one of each” tees. I was an only child and Andrew was one of four boys. So when we had Rory I had just figured that we would have a house full of girls with Andrew there to take care of us. So when our Luca man came along I was so confused…like…how do I mom a boy?! I’m a girl…so I can handle a girl…but a boy? Whoa! Okay okay, kinda silly…but God threw me a little something on this recently. A little yipee, hurrah, a your welcome. During the special reception dances…for every single wedding I cant help but smile from ear to ear. Grinning like a dang fool. I cant wait to bawl my eyes out at seeing two of my favorite people dance on our daughter’s wedding day. And God showed me…now…with us having a little boy too – Andrew & I both get one some day. Photo @laurenjollyphoto #AndrewandTiannaBTS #wordpress #marriageandmotherhood

Andrew & Tianna

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